Mworks Organics, an exotic fruit and vegetable store based in Bangalore, offers a premium selection of exotic produce. Despite the growing demand for such products, the company faced challenges in reaching its target audience and driving sales. To address these challenges, they sought our assistance to provide comprehensive marketing solutions to achieve their business goals.


The primary objective of this marketing project was to enhance the visibility and sales of Mworks Organics. To achieve this goal, we offered a range of services, including performance marketing, website development, social media marketing, and branding and logo design.


Performance Marketing Hurdles: Addressing the Need for Precision Targeting and Effective Messaging

Website Transformation Challenge: Overcoming Poor UI/UX to Enhance User Experience

Social Media Engagement Obstacles: Building a Brand Presence and Growing Followers on Instagram

Brand Identity and Recognition Challenge: Creating a Cohesive Brand Image Through Logo Design and Branding


Exotic Fruits Marketing


Mworks Organics

What We Did
  • Performance Marketing
  • Website Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Branding & Logo Design

Solution & Results:

Performance Marketing:

In our performance marketing strategy, we executed Google and Facebook ad campaigns, targeting the top 10% of individuals in Bangalore who prefer exotic fruits and vegetables in their daily routines. The ads were meticulously optimized to reach the target audience and drive conversions.


The performance marketing campaign achieved a reach of 466,310 and impressions of 1,327,016, with a total spend of ₹178,918.45 over 2.5 months. The campaign generated 25,385 clicks, with a CPC of ₹7.05 and a CTR of 1.91%. It also resulted in 5,766 Add to Cart actions, 1,365 Initiate Checkout actions, and 686 purchases, with a total conversion value of ₹256,882.45 and an average ROAS of 1.44.

Website Development:

Mworks Organics had an underperforming WordPress website that didn’t align with their evolving business needs. We helped them define their business requirements and determined that Shopify was the ideal platform. We not only built and maintained the Shopify store for 6 months but also facilitated the seamless migration of data from WordPress to Shopify.

Social Media Marketing:

We assisted Mworks Organics in establishing their Instagram presence, fostering growth, and creating a valuable resource for their target audience.

Branding & Logo Design:

We collaborated with Mworks Organics to design a new logo and brand book that authentically represented their business values and ensured a consistent brand image.


The comprehensive marketing efforts proved highly effective in helping Mworks Organics achieve its business objectives and generate substantial results. The performance marketing campaign, website development, social media marketing, and branding and logo design all played integral roles in the company’s success by reaching the target audience, driving sales, and establishing a strong online presence. This project underscores the profound impact of a well-executed marketing strategy and highlights the value of our partnership.

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