We are Crobstacle

We are an All-in-one full-service global digital marketing firm build by the Young Turks. We come up with bold, innovative & crazy unconventional ideas that breathe new life in brands. We all come from different backgrounds and are structured for speed, efficiency, and bold creativity paired with mastery in our work. We help brands to adapt, survive, and cross the obstacles that they face digitally.

There's craziness in our methods

We’ve developed different systems to keep our brands as top-of-mind as the thing they believe in. We are always on steroids, focusing on delivering the right thing to the right people.

Meet the Young Turks Leadership

The brains, hearts and souls behind the Crobstacle Ventures LLP brands. We are here to put a ding in the universe.

Anmol Gogia - Co-Founder and CEO

Anmol Gogia

Founder & CEO

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Ashvin Singh - Crobstacle

Ashvin Singh

Co-Founder & CSMO 

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Abhilash Chaudhary - Crobstacle Media Digital Advisor

Abhilash Chaudhary

Founder & CEO at Fames/Profinator/Fabbley

Aadit Nadar - Sales Advisor

Aadit Nadar

Relationship Manager / Account Sales Executive at Marriot 

Ashish Rawat - Management Advisor

Ashish Rawat

Chapter Manager at Harley Davidson, Dehradun 

Sarah Walker

Sarah Walker

Business Development

Siddhant Lakhera - Co-Founder and MD

Siddhant Lakhera

Co-Founder & CBDO

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