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Hey everyone, I am Shilpa Kathuria I digital marketing Intern at Crobstacle Ventures since past 06 months. I’m touching base with a bit of news for you. I’ll be leaving my position as Social media account Manager for PayMEE, and my last day will be 25/11/2021. I wanted to reach out to let you know that I’ve so enjoyed working with you during my time here.  I got an opportunity to work with the most helpful team ever. Today, I am going to share some of my experiences with the firm. It’s been a true pleasure getting to know you all better.

I got a wonderful opportunity to join Crobstacle on 25th of May 2021 as a Digital Marketing intern. Although I am a teacher by profession but as I got to know about a highly demanding field, Digital marketing, I applied for a google Digital Marketing online course after which I got an opportunity to Join in Crobstacle and work as a Young Turk. When I started here I was a fresher in this field and I got to know very many things related to Digital marketing. I started my internship with a bit of Content Writing. Next was the social media calendar, then some website auditing, SEO, I also have done website development work content writing again and finally I made my peace with social media calendars. I also had my experience in Business development.

I have been given opportunities to work in various fields at times. Working here has been a fantastic learning experience, and I am thankful for the skills I’ve acquired. I feel as if being here with you all each day has made me a more complete and well-rounded person. Belonging to a totally different background, I found it very difficult to cope up with the digital marketing world for which I was a fresher and doesn’t know anything about it, but with the help of my mentors Ashvin Bhaiya,Anmol and Siddhant I was successful in learning the new skills related to Digital Marketing. I used to make a lot of mistakes, yet none of them was tiring to teach me. However, I learned that, too, with the help of my co-workers. 

Every person I got to do work was very helpful and understanding. From my internship, at Crobstacle I have had a chance to even directly contact the client, PayMEE a fintech company in Dubai. I started with working on their few weeks’ calendars and then a few other projects that came my way.  Initially, I found it quite difficult to create a social media calendar, although, with the assistance of the team, I could do it in a better way. It was indeed an experience that gives you an outlook of how to work effectively with your client. I also have learnt to know the client’s thought process by interacting with them. I learnt how to convince prospects to become our clients. Here I learnt how to reach out to people and involve them with projects.

 I also have learned about the backend work of website and its development. I enjoyed working over here and would like to extend my thankful gratitude to all my mentors and coworkers who had been there always for advice, support and encouragement that they have given me during my stay in this organization.

In the beginning I was assigned Content writing work where I learned to use many tools in order to write a perfect content, we also used to optimize our content using SEO tools. Then I was being provided with the website auditing work which I enjoyed a lot. Finally I started making Social media Calendars for various firms. After which I got the designation of Social Media Account Manager for one of our Fintech industry firm PayMEE , for which I used to make their monthly Social media calendars ,used to make their relevant creatives and used to do their social media Postings. I was very bad at making creatives during my initial days but slowly and steadily it got improved.

Anmol, Siddhant and Ashvin have always been a support when-so-ever I was in need of it. They have been so patient and encouraging throughout my internship period. The time of six months flew away so hurriedly that I didn’t even realized. It’s like I started yesterday only.

I really wish Crobstacle Ventures to fly high and achieve great heights. I once again thank all my co-workers for being a perfect support throughout during our work period. I would also like to grasp the opportunity to thank Ashvin bhaiya, Anmol Gogia and Siddhant Lakhera to be the true guide without their support and encouragement I would not have been able to learn and adapt these skills which I have now and especially would not have been able to be THE YOUNG TURK.


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