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Amazing Experience at Crobstacle In Web Developer Intern

My Name is Sarthaks My journey in Crobstacle was as a web developer Intern it was short but very wholesome. I joined as an underconfident student who was too worried about the future and too shy to speak to new people. The people at Crobstacle never make you feel like an outsider. I always worked closely with the top management and became good friends with them.  We even cracked jokes about each other like childhood friends and family. I learned about many things even outside of my domain. I learned how to handle clients, negotiate with them, handle the situation in case something’s wrong, and ensure quality even with strict deadlines. I had no experience and was a total newbie, but here I got all kinds of exposure. I talked directly to important clients, was present in most of the crucial meetings. Sometimes, the project cost negotiations also happened in front of me. The new applications received by the company were also discussed in front of me, and I could also present my point of view. I was also a part of brainstorming sessions where new project ideas were discussed. I knew nothing about the industry, but now I have good knowledge. The best thing about Crobstacle is that they are very honest with their employees, tell everything to their employees, celebrate achievements with everyone, and solve problems with everyone’s suggestion. The team ‘Young Turks’ truly works as a team with no superiors, and it feels like we all are owners of the company with a complete say in decision-making. Also, being a college student, I had to manage my studies and other college-related activities with my internship. The team always supported me in managing my time and never refused my leave application. 

I want to mention the most influential people who made my journey beautiful.

One of the company’s founders, Anmol sir, is one of the most hard-working persons I have seen. He works day and night with all the teams. He even works alone at night when no other employees are available. Also, he works as a team member and never makes others feel like he owns the company. His leadership is unconventional, and the work culture he has created is totally new and not like the toxic corporate culture where people are made to work like robots. I am sure that under his leadership, the company will keep on achieving new heights every day. He always pushes boundaries, and his positive attitude makes everything possible. 

The co-founder, Siddhant sir, has remarkable knowledge about the marketing and advertisement industry and the best thing about him is that he explains things very well to others. Sometimes, he described some things about the marketing world that I quickly understood even though I had no background. He is also very friendly like others and never has the “I am the boss” attitude.

The tech team in Crobstacle felt like a group of friends working together. We worked together, talked about everything, attended meetings together, and solved problems together. Jatin Sir (the leader of the tech team) is the most helpful senior. He shared all his experience with us, gave us his study material, talked about personal life, always defended us in case of differences, discussed questions with us even after office time. He also shared opportunities with us to help our careers in the long run. I also used to discuss my college problems with him, and he never refused to help. I learned a lot working under him. 

The most experienced personality of the company, Ashwin sir, taught me a lot every day. His experience is precious for the company, and he knows how huge companies function and become successful. He is sometimes harsh with his words, but he is never wrong. Moreover, he knows how to lighten the mood and cheer up the employees in case things go wrong. He is like an elder member of the family who very well knows what is suitable for everyone. 

In conclusion, I would like to say that the journey was full of ups and downs, but the important part is that everyone supported me in all aspects made it beautiful. I got a chance to push my boundaries and realize my true strengths and weaknesses. This journey has given me a lot of confidence and taught me teamwork and professionalism in web developer Intern. I had to leave because of my strict college curriculum and too many other things going on in my life. I would Iove to be a part of this team again in the future if possible. 

Lastly, I would like to suggest some improvements which can be helpful. The tech team lacks experienced people other than the leader. There is a need to hire more experienced people if possible. Due to a lack of experienced people, interns are given a lot of responsibility and are bound to make mistakes as they are new. These mistakes can lead to huge losses, and it also demotivates the newbies. Although these issues are temporary as the company is transitioning from a digital marketing firm to a digital transformation firm, they will automatically get resolved as the company grows.

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