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Hello everyone, my name is Sidhant Gusain. I joined Crobstacle as a digital marketing Intern in October. And after 3 months my journey has come to an end which happens to be on 22nd January.

I joined this internship because I want to experience an exposure to the corporate world and want to learn more about digital marketing. I have only read about digital marketing in the websites and watched YouTube videos related to it but that was up to only the theoretical knowledge and to gain practical knowledge you have to worked in the particular field. Before joining Crobstacle my mindset about digital marketing was that it’s only about running ads or promoting something in social media. But after joining I realized I have taken a dive in an ocean of digital world that depth is too deep to measure. With only time you can only find out.

I was from a finance background and digital marketing was knew to me, as I have only read about it so it was challenge to me or to adapt in the new field of work. In these 3 months I get to know about a lot of new things which changed my mindset completely which I used thought about it. I remember the first day my first task was the research on some topic that I did. And let me tell you research is only the task that I don’t want to take part because I find it boring and very time consuming but now I find it very amusing in doing research because you also gain a lot of knowledge while doing research. Though I may not be that perfect but I have definitely become better in doing research than before. 

I got to learn so many new things about digital marketing like what is SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing), and off-page SEO tasks, making monthly social media calendar for clients, doing social media posting, performing social media organic activities.  I also learn how to make creatives for the social media post on Canva. Actually, this was also a challenge for me to do because you have to be creative with your mind, what sort of changes should be done to look creative attractive and eye-catching. And I was not very of a creative mind because I was too lazy about thinking of creativity which at starting it was difficult to make them. But at the time passes I slowly learned how to make it and now it has opened a door to the creativity in my mind. 

 I am also grateful to have such a wonderful team of mentors they are always by your side and ready to help you no matter what is the time on the clock. In this internship one of the main things that will be always in my mind is your Punctuality towards the delivery of your work. Anmol Bhai always said you should always deliver your work on the date assigned by the employer or the date which you have decided to get completed by yourself. This is main the priority. In this period, there were several times where I have been appreciated for the work and also get scolded for not completion of the work or the work was not up to the mark. But I have taken appreciation as an improvement that I am performing well and scolding that I need more improvement.   

And the best part was that you get to work with the other interns in the firm and let me tell they all were amazing and so helpful that whenever you need them, they are always there for help. Sometime I get to work late at night also but then also all of my colleague and my mentors were always there to help me. We called ourselves YOUNG TURKS, and learned so much from each other and it was very enjoying to work with all of them. And this internship has also taught me as a sense of responsibilities for your action or mistakes and from those mistakes only you learn and evolve.

As at last I want to say, from this internship I have gained a lot and improved my skills, gain confidence and I have seen improvement in myself and a big thanks to  my mentors Anmol Bhai, Siddhant Bhai and Ashwin Sir who helped me during this journey to find my skills and I have learned a lot from them.

I want to thank Anmol Sir for giving me this opportunity to showcase my skills and appreciate all the opportunities you have given me. I enjoyed working with the Crobstacle and all the best for the future.  

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