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A Journey to Remember

My name is Diksha Pardeshi. I joined Crobstacle as a Effective Digital Marketing intern in August. And after 4 months, my journey with crobstacle has come to an end. 

An internship is a glimpse of what an actual job is like. When you join an internship, you are new to that particular field. You have no idea how it actually works. Internships give you that practical experience and knowledge. My internship with Crobstacle was just that. I got to know how Effective digital marketing works. And whether or not it is the right profile for me.

When I joined this internship, I was new to Effective Digital’s Marketing. I am from a completely different background. Hospitality and tourism. Yeahh… Talk about career choices. 

This is why I was so nervous to start this internship. I was not sure if I was going to be the right fit. 

In these 4 months, I got to learn so many things about digital marketing. I started with off-page search engine optimization. I performed activities like building backlinks, writing blogs, and publishing them, etc. Then moved to on-page SEO. I have performed website audits. Made a monthly social media calendar for the client. Managed social media postings for the client. I learned how to make creatives by using Canva. 

And got to learn so many other things. One time, I was even the intern of the month in these 4 months.  

There were ups and downs. I was performing well and was appreciated for my work. And I was also getting scolded for not completing my work on time. I feel both are needed. This is how we are supposed to learn. 

It was an amazing experience to work with Crobstacle. I am grateful for the feedback I used to get when I was working on a particular task. Positive feedback would make me feel appreciated and negative feedback meant I had to work hard to improve myself. This internship has given me confidence that I can work and grow in the Digital’s Marketing field. This internship was the foundation of my journey ahead in this field. 

There were a few tasks I was scared to work on because I thought I was not good enough. But when I was praised for my work on these particular tasks such as making creatives using Canva, it only boosted my confidence. I have learned a lot. I also got the opportunity to teach my fellow interns. This was one of my favorite thing to do. My fellow interns have also been absolutely amazing to work with. As we all were called The Young Turks, everyone had so much to learn from each other. We worked cordially, wished each other the best, taught each other when required, and turned out to be a great team to work with.

When you join this internship, you have to understand that you will be answerable for your mistakes and most importantly, you will be praised for your hard work. I feel this is the best part. Because, when you start to take responsibility for your mistakes and when you know your hard work is appreciated. That’s when you really start to grow. As an individual and as a part of an organization.

Now to sum it up, the whole experience as an Intern at Crobstacle, I can proudly say that I have seen myself growing. I came into the field of Digital’s Marketing with nothing but theoretical knowledge. But now I have worked and learned so many new things about this field. I learned some things so well that I am confident enough to teach those to others. I still have a long journey ahead of me.

Throughout this learning process, I had constant guidance from Anmol sir, Sonu sir, Ashwin sir. They were there to guide me whenever I felt like I needed help.

I want to thank Anmol sir for giving me this opportunity to find these skills I did not even know I had.

I have enjoyed every bit of working with Crobstalce.

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