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My name is Hariom Thakur and I am from Haridwar, Uttarakhand. Currently I am persuing MBA from Graphic Era Hill University Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

Nowadays there is tough competition in the market and it is very difficult to get a good job without any experience. All the reputed companies who are hiring are seeking employees who are having experience and those students are fresher they have to face problems in getting the good job. So our college has provided the time for doing the internship. As we all know that now a days digital marketing plays an important role in the marketing process and mostly people using smart phones and all are connected with social medias as well, so there is huge scope a digital marketing. Then I have decided to do an internship in digital marketing and I am searching for companies where I can do my internship. As there is lots of online platforms are available but I want a offline intership so that I can learn the work culture, environment of office and mainly discipline. 

After searching for 2 weeks, one of mine friend told me about the Crobstacle Ventures LLP and they have told me about the working of the firm and he also helped me in contacting with the firm. After that i went to the office of Crobstacle Ventures LLP which is in near ISBT Dehradun, Uttarakhand and there I met with one CEO of the firm Mr. Anmol Gogia and he have taken my interview and after that another interview is scheduled with Mr. Ashvin Singh sir. After that I am able to grab the intership opportunity in Crobstacle Ventures LLP for 3 months. This 3 months internship is unpaid but I am really excited for the work as I have never done any work before in this field. On 21 June,2022 I had joined the Crobstacle Ventures LLP and on my first day I am met with the team. The best thing of this intership is flexible working hours and good working environment as the team is very helpful and cooperative. They are not treating me like a intern but treat as an employee and also providing me the guidance where I getting stuck. In this 3 months of intership I have learned about the SEO( search engine optimization),SEM (search engine marketing), How to create backlinks, How to make creatives for companies calender, profile creation in different different sites, ranking of sites, How to add Hyperlinks, Content writing and Business development also. In this 3 months of intership I have a wonderful memories with our team also which I will never forgot, the bond with the team is unmatched whether is inside office or outside the office. Although I learned through this intership that firstly give preference to your work after that you are free do to anything but the rule is first complete your work this I appreciate the most in the firm. Through this intership I have learned skills which helps me in personal development and it increased my soft & technical skills as well. On 21 sep, 2022 I have completed my internship and I am glad that I got such a firm which is very helpful and cooperative. The environment, culture, working condition, flexible working hours all the things is best and the team members are really awesome and helpful. Thank you everyone who help me in doing this intership and CEO Mr. Anmol Gogia and Mr. Ashvin Singh for giving me this opportunity of intership. Working with you is my pleasure and thanking you by heart ❤️.

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