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Hi everyone, my name is Devyanshi Bisht. I joined Crobstacle as a digital marketing Internship in October and I have completed my 3 months journey on 21st January. It has been a wonderful experience with Crobstacle.

Before joining the internship, I had no idea how I was going to perform as I was not aware of the terms and technicalities of digital marketing. I run a Food, Travel, and Lifestyle Instagram page, it was just a start on the outline of digital marketing which I know and beyond that, I had no idea what challenges I am going to face in this internship. I joined this internship because somewhere I was in the line of social media and I want to explore more about social media, and how I can grow from social media as a social media influencer.

On the very first day of the Internship Anmol Sir assigned me a video task which was a case study and that was to look upon our observation skills, how we observe things in our surroundings or how much attention we pay to it. On the first day, it was great learning for me as from that day every task, I have been assigned I have to monitor it very closely and perform it with my full attention.  And then after the case studies the first thing I learned in digital marketing was search engine optimization (SEO). What are the different types and purposes of SEO? And from this, I also get to know about organic and inorganic traffic. And to execute SEO, then there come the off-page SEO tasks which include profile building, blog writing, blog submission, image submission, infographic submission, etc. Being in social media I have never imagined that such tasks would be there in digital marketing and that it was just the beginning and many more surprises are waiting for me ahead. And after that, I came to know about the monthly calendar that we used to make the social media posting for the clients. My first project for the calendar was Jyotsana Classes with my colleague Diksha.  She was very supportive and at any time she was ready to help me out. At first I used to work after my college hours, when I got home and my work would continue late at night and not only her, Sidhant, Diwakar and Prashant stayed up late with me to help me complete my task. And while preparing the calendar we have to make the posting using Canva and from there I came to know about Canva, it is a tool for making social media posts. I got used to it very easily as I created posts for my page as well. During the internship, I did research related to certain things which was also an add-on skill for me. I was not very good in research and was taught how to research as here at Crobstacle we have excellent mentors who are always ready to help. And the Young Turk team is always supportive and encouraging; they are always ready to help you in any situation.

  • I worked for PayMEE ,Urja Attar and I learned how to do a website audit and later I was made the account manager of Jyotsana Classes, it was also a great experience. With a new designation, it comes with a new responsibility and hence, I got to learn a lot from it. I have made mistakes but I have also learned from them and always try to improve myself. I was not sure whether I would be able to accomplish it or not but now that I have completed 3 months. It feels like I have overcome my fear over every challenge that came in my way and now I am more confident and can work in the field of digital marketing internship.

 I am extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to work for a company that gives you the freedom to explore and expand your creativity, something not all interns are given the liberty to do so. The work culture and environment are extremely warm and comfortable and what is amazing is that everyone in the team is very humble and approachable, always ready to help each other.

I would like to thank all my team members for always supporting me. This internship was fun learning as my classmates were also here and we all have learned a lot together.

A special thanks to my mentors Anmol Sir, Siddhant Sir, and Ashvin Sir who have guided me through my entire journey and helped me whenever required. I am very thankful to them as they have helped me out in finding a better version of myself. I want to thank Anmol Sir for giving me this wonderful opportunity. Working with Crobstacle was an amazing experience. This internship has laid the groundwork for future challenges and I am ready to face them.

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