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My Journey at Crobstacle in Digital Marketing Intern

Hello everyone my name is Prashant Negi. Here I am writing this note to share my journey as a digital marketing intern at crobstacle. My journey as an intern started on 21st october 2021 and has finally come to an end on 21 january 2022.

As a fresh b.com pursuing student I was unaware about the corporate world. Crobstacle worked as a doorway for my initial journey. At times, I’ve been given the opportunity to work with different clients. Working here has been an excellent learning opportunity, and I am grateful for the skills I’ve gained.During my 3 months journey there  were some highs and lows. I was doing well and was being recognised for my efforts. I was also being chastised for not finishing my task on time. Both, in my opinion, are required. This is how we should be learning.

Within these 3 months I learned a lot about digital marketing. My colleagues and mentors (Anmol Gogia, Siddhanth Lakhera and Ashvin Sir) helped me in every step of my journey. I got to learn a lot of things here . Off-page search engine optimization was my first step. I did things like generate backlinks, write blogs, and publish them, among other things. For the customer, I created a monthly social media schedule. Using Canva, I learnt how to produce creatives.  

I also did research for various clients on how they can grow using digital marketing.

On brief note The clients for whom I have worked are 

1:  Desi mealz : I did an Off Page seo for Desi mealz. Here I learn what is actually an SEO, how it works and what is its importance in today’s digital marketing world.

2: Urja Attars: I learned about Attar and their influence on various zodiac signs. I created various creatives for urja attar products and also helped my colleagues in calendar formation.

3: Jyotasana classes : It is a coaching institute and For this client I have worked less but yeah bringing traffic in an organic way of a student by engaging with them in quora facebook was a task I have done for this client.

4: Paymee: PayMee is the client for whom I have worked with the most. I was given a responsibility to manage the organic activity of it. I also did a thorough research ON Paymee growth potential. It was one of the most challenging clients as it is a software base company and finding Clients for it was one of the toughest tasks. But with our team enthusiasm and hard work we found great success in it . 

5: Shopify : In shopify mostly What I had done was to rectify the certain errors which were occurring on the product description of our client Amanda.

Working with so many clients and solving their problems in day to day life made me think broadly and in a diversified manner. Working with such diverse clients makes me understand the need of various marketing tactics which need to be applied to engage  potential customers.

Reports and research

One of the key things I learned during my Internship was the importance of research. Every client comes with his product or service which we have to market. Before marketing we have to do a thorough research on 

1: what the client sells

2:who are its potential customers

3: who are its competitors 

4: what are their competitors doing to market their product. 

5: How should we market our product to have an edge over other competitors.

Research I have done on :

1: R & D on fintech companies

2: E-commerce 3rd party seller Report

3: Research for Crobstacle clients target 2022

4: Crobstacle Email Marketing Research

5:  Paymee Research report 

Email marketing : In the new year of 2022 the company decided to also market them through email marketing. I was given a task to learn about email marketing and form an email on new year’s occasion on company behalf. My first 2 trials were a failure  but eventually I was able to impress Anmol Sir with one of my emails.

I took the help of mailchimp email marketing tool to form email.

To summarize my time as an Intern at Crobstacle, I can confidently state that I have seen myself progress. Challenges were always there but everything at last came out to be fruitful. I entered the world of digital marketing with only a basic Knowledge. But now that I’ve worked in this industry for a while, I’ve learnt a lot. I’ve learned  some skills to the point that I can confidently use them in my future startup or job.

I would also  present my gratitude to all my fellow interns who were always there to help me in any task . From them I have truly understood the meaning of teamwork. It was my fortune to work with such kind colleagues.

At last I would like to thank Anmol Gogia, Siddhanth Lakhera and Ashvin Sir for giving me such a great opportunity to work with Crobstacle and make me the part of Young turk.    

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