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Experience at Crobstacle in Web Developer Intern

Being a Young Turk at Crobstacle was a very great experience, it was not 

I am Prashanth S, currently pursuing my engineering in PES University, Bangalore, Karnataka. I have been working as a Web Developer Intern at Crobstacle for the past 3-4 months. It has been a real pleasure to be a part of this firm. It has been a great learning in these past months. I would like thank the firm for considering me for this role. 

I would like to thank the management Anmol Gogia, CEO Crobstacle; Ashvin Singh, CSMO & Co-Founder Crobstacle and others for giving me this opportunity also for being very understanding and concerned about the issues we as an employee/interns may have. It has been a great pleasure to work with you guys. I would also like to thank Shubham Sharma, for mentoring me throughout the internship and for clearing all the doubts without any hesitation, teaching me new methods and many more. Learning was not only with respect to my domain; I learnt a lot from the team. How to manage a project, how to manage people, intern, employees. The management also taought me a lot.

I am really happy that the firm specifically chose tasks, which weren’t easy or me being unaware of. I did learn a lot. I believe that I am a lot better now because of all the tasks and experience. The development part where I usually go for the backend, the tasks given made me do the frontend part where I can grow. I am happy with my results out of all these exposures. Even though I had a hard time figuring out my schedule thank for understanding my issues and being supportive about it.

Finally, I am really glad that I chose and also worked with Crobstacle as my first stepping stone for my career. As a fresher who didn’t know anything about how the industry works, I have a great learning experience with the team. I had a lot of fun and I am proud to be a Young Turk!

Thank you.

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