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                                MY INTERNSHIP EXPERIENCE WITH CROBSTACLE

                                                                           KARANDEEP SINGH 

I am a student of mass communication in Graphic Era Hill University and it was time to end my course in June 

I needed to do an internship in digital marketing agency, then I got to know from my friend about crobstacle company which is based in Dehradun, I wanted to know more about crobstacle so I researched on internet about this agency and have some idea about them. I sent my resume on their email id and they called me after sometime for small interaction, I was nervous and excited to at the same time, interaction begins and we had good interaction with each other, and they gave me opportunity to do internship in their agency and told me to join as earliest, I was excited to be able spend 2 whole months in my new internship with an amazing Digital Marketing Agency that has an amazing vibe, culture and work ethic. I started my internship on 26 April 2021- which was going to end on 26 June 2021. it was work from home internship due to covid situation. We daily met on google meet and do our every call on it, it was easy to use app.

I was very excited to start my first day with them and it started with induction process where they told me about basics of digital marketing services and what services they provide in their agency, they told me about their company, what they do and how they do, I felt lucky after knowing how professionally they work and I was going to work with such professionals, it was great opportunity to work for a company that gives you freedom to explore and expand your creativity, and the warm and comfortable environment and the most amazing thing was that they’re young and easy approachable, a big shout out to anmol and siddhant. They both are supportive and very understanding, I hardly work with siddhant but he is easy approachable too. They gave me name of young Turk, I really like this name.

I have to do daily task given by them, in starting it was little difficult for me to understand the task but after sometime it become my routine and easy to understand. I did every task by giving my best efforts and in time. Internship was a great learning experience as I got to work in different tasks such as business development, wire framing, social media calendar, creatives, leads gorilla, and some basics about SEO, SEM, Content marketing, email marketing, digital marketing course for better understanding the process of services. I personally thing I was good at making creatives. It was my first time to learn about this all and I give my best efforts to learn all things which were given to me. 

Apart from this, I enhance my communication skills, my confidence, social interactions with other intern, I worked on my speaking skills, I learn time management skills that how to manage your every task within time, it really helps me a lot in managing my time. These things I really want to enhance more in this internship, overall it was really a great experience for me to work for them and for gaining knowledge for myself.

Lastly, I would like to extend my gratitude to Anmol and Siddhant for giving me this opportunity and for the guidance and support. Thank you for giving me professional knowledge, Thanks to my friends I made there, Dee and raghav for helping me with problems I was facing, especially social media calendar.

Crobstacle is a good place to work and they are hungry towards achieving their goals, all are professional young Turks with one aim of helping other who are facing obstacles in their business. I have never seen a company who works very professionals in just their starting years. Lastly, best wishes from my side for Crobstacle and I hope Crobstacle gets more success in future.

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