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My Experience at Crobstacle in Web Developer Intern

I am Kajal’s. Today I’m completing a 6 month(4th June to 4th December ) Internship in Crobstacle .I had a good experience in Crobstacle. I learnt a lot in this company. I was not aware about how to develop apps using Flutter ,but now I know .I was hired as an intern in WEB development. I worked not only on web development but also on APP Development and also Digital Marketing(SEO). I learnt how to up the ranking of websites,many features of Digital Marketing (SEO/SMO,in Real World Application ,tools through which Digital Marketing (SEO/SMO) can be implemented . Apart from this I had worked on several Websites such as AURA, Jyotsana Classes, Crobstacle, Wayflix,etc. I created websites by using HTML ,CSS, WordPress. I Created pages on websites . In Crobstacle there is good environment of work. This is my first corporate school where I get to know how to face problems, pressure ,work culture, and formal behaviour. Here I learnt how to deal with Ups and Down in the journey. My teammates are very supportive .They helped me when I needed it. Through this company I have experienced corporate in the past 6 months. I’m thankful to Anmol sir , Ashvin Sir, Manish Sir, Shubham Sir, Pramjeet Sir, Anshul Sir, that they give me such an opportunity to learn various things through this platform.

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