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My name is Ankita’s Rangher, and I’d want to use this opportunity to introduce myself to all of you. In  December 2021, I began working at Crobstacle as a Digital Marketing Intern, and, Ankita’s Rangher completed my three month internship in March 2022. Working with Crobstacle has been a great experience. 

I was really worried at the time, and I had no idea how I would do in the internship because I had no  prior experience in this field. 

In the previous three months, I’ve learnt a lot. I started with digital marketing and learnt how to  maintain client accounts and conduct organic activities. I prepared a monthly social media calendar for  the clients. I was in charge of the social media postings for the client. I learned how to make creatives  using Canva . After that, I got into search engine optimization and learned a lot about it, as well as how  to perform off-page search engine optimization. I used to do social bookmarking, directory submissions,  and blog bookmarking etc as part of my SEO work. 

I also took part in an ad challenge during my internship, where I learnt about new advertising and  brainstormed concepts for them. It enhanced my capacity to recognize the objectives of any  commercial. 

I also learnt a lot about Instagram, such as how to create your own brand and how to make your profile  more appealing. 

Handling Urja Attar’s social media accounts was my first project, and it was a fantastic learning  experience because I was accountable for all of the accounts. I was apprehensive at first, but the other  people in the Young Turks team are constantly encouraging and friendly, and they are always willing to  assist you in any situation that it became comfortable for me. 

I feel myself incredibly blessed to have worked for a firm that allows individuals to express and expand  their creativity, something that not all interns are allowed to do. The work atmosphere and culture are  really friendly, and what’s even better is that everyone on the team is extremely humble and  personable, always eager to help one another. 

I can honestly say that I have seen myself grow during my time as an Intern at Crobstacle. With only a  theoretical knowledge of digital marketing, I entered the field. But now that I’ve worked in this area and  have a solid understanding of the foundations and specifics, I’m confident enough to teach others what  I’ve learned and continue on this path. On my journey, I still have a long way to go. I can only express my  thanks for all of the help and support that has been provided to me. It’s just boosted my motivation to  keep going. 

I’d want to thank Anmol Sir, Ashvin Sir, and Siddhant Sir for presenting me with this incredible  opportunity. It was a dream comes true to work with Crobstacle. This internship has equipped me to  deal with future challenges, and I am confident in my capacity to do so. 


Ankita’s Rangher,

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