Amader MG, a seasoned makeup artist in Australia, has not only mastered the art of makeup but has also made it her mission to empower women over 40, helping them feel confident and beautiful. With over 18 years of experience and notable accolades such as the 2020 Makeup Vlogger of the Year, Amader MG understands the challenges of modern life as a mother of two. Her dedication to simplifying beauty with practical tips, honest advice, and makeup essentials tailored for mature skin sets her apart. At ‘Secrets from a Beauty Insider,’ authenticity is at the core. Amader MG and her team test and recommend products they genuinely believe in, and their commitment to transparency shines through in everything they do.


When Amader MG approached us, she faced several challenges in her mission to serve and empower women over 40

Complex Website Structure: The existing website had a convoluted structure, confusing visitors about how to navigate to the shop and members’ areas.

Promoting Online Courses: Amader MG needed a platform that could effectively promote her online courses, such as Chapter 5 Data LMS, alongside her shop.

Brand Cohesion: The website needed to align seamlessly with her branding guidelines and create an immersive brand experience.

Conversion Focus: Every aspect of the website needed to be designed with user actions and responses in mind, transforming it into a high-converting platform.


Ageless Beauty: Amader MG’s Empowerment Makeover


Amader MG

What We Did
  • Website Development
  • Promotion of Online Courses
  • Creatives

Solution & Results:

Our partnership with Amader MG resulted in a transformative online presence that addressed these challenges head-on:

Website Development: We revamped her website, creating a user-friendly, visually stunning platform on Shopify. The new website, https://shop.amandaramsay.com.au/, ensured clarity in navigation and a cohesive brand experience. Every element of the website was meticulously designed to resonate with visitors and encourage user actions, making it a conversion powerhouse.

Promotion of Online Courses: The website was structured to seamlessly promote Amader MG’s online courses alongside her shop, making it easy for visitors to explore and engage with her educational content.

Creatives: Beyond website development, we played a crucial role in enhancing her brand’s visual identity. Collaboratively, we provided creative support, including captivating visuals and engaging content, ensuring that her brand’s story was compellingly told and resonated with her target audience.

Our partnership with Amader MG yielded impressive results:

User-Friendly Website: The revamped website provided a clear and intuitive user experience, reducing visitor confusion and ensuring they easily found what they were looking for.

Online Course Promotion: Amader MG’s online courses were effectively promoted alongside her shop, increasing visibility and engagement with her educational content.

Brand Cohesion: The website aligned seamlessly with her branding guidelines, creating an immersive brand experience.

Conversion Focus: Every aspect of the website was designed with conversions in mind, resulting in a highly effective conversion machine.


Amader MG’s journey to redefine beauty for women over 40 exemplifies the power of a holistic approach to online presence. Through a user-friendly and visually stunning website, coupled with effective promotion of her online courses and a compelling brand narrative, she continues to empower and uplift her audience. This partnership stands as a testament to the potential for success when passion, expertise, and creativity come together.

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