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Amazing Experience at Crobstacle in Data Analytics and SEO. 

I undertook a 5 month internship at Crobstacle Ventures LLP, an all-in-one full service global digital transformation firm where I got hands-on experience in the environment of Digital Marketing. I was involved in the domain of Business Development , Data Analytics and SEO. 

My Internship started in april , before that , I was first interviewed through a telephonic procedure and later over a meet session with the firm’s CEO, CSMO and CBDO. It was a smooth on-boarding procedure where they gave me an insight about the work culture of the crobstacle and the work role and tenure. 

First week of the internship was about getting an insight of the digital marketing environment , what are the domains of the digital marketing and the abbreviations used in the  digital marketing. 

Also completed the certification courses as told by the CEO and executed the knowledge into the real life projects. For the first two months i had the opportunity to work on Business Development domain wherein my work was to –

  •  Identify potential clients in the target market and complete appropriate research on the prospective client’s business and equipment needs. 
  • Follow-up of sales and set up meetings.
  • Maintaining Database of the leads in firm’s CRM database

All of these tasks were done using various social media channels as Facebbook, LinkedIn, Email Marketing, tools like leads gorilla and CRM.

Getting to know about the background of what a business does to target its potential clients and the process which was involved in retaining the existing clients intrigued me a lot. Wherein it gave me a lot of insights into knowing what a social media marketing agency does to sustain itself in a competitive environment which is ever changing as one has to remain upto date to sustain itself in the era of digital transformation.

I was even exposed to lead on a conversation to target the prospects clients and it taught me a lot about behaviour of the owners of the firms , people who are willing to spend on the services.

I learned about what goes into making the prospects clients believe that the agency will use the best of its resources and execute the ideas in giving the best of the services which they possess, which includes free auditing the website or the requirements they are asking for. 

Also got to know a bit about the finances which are involved in dealing with services.

The next phase of my internship was associated with the technical background. I learned about what detailing was required to run the existing services the agency works on , in this I worked as a data analyst till the end of the tenure.

Here I had the opportunity to learn from the intern who was working with them and got various insights and learnings from his experience. 

Hands on experience on tools and services like Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, Google Trends , Google Ads. 

Most intriguing part of this learning segment was the data visualisation process wherein I made dashboards for clients – hr services, travel services, warehouse services. Here I learned a lot about detailing and the process which is involved in curating graphs and on-looking all of the minute detailing that may suit the client’s perspective.

Later I got to work on SEO too, wherein my role was to look and search for the keywords – short tail, long tail and do the competitors analysis and also assist the SEO manager in making reports for the clients. 

All of my experience with crobstacle was one of a kind wherein I was involved in the major domains of digital marketing and got hands-on experience  in hybrid mode which too was a new experience for me , the employee and interns were lively in nature and always open to learning and cooperating throughout my tenure. 

Special thanks to CEO Anmol Gogia for supporting me throughout and helping me push my boundaries and CSMO  Ashvin Singh for always being a guide and mentor whose words of wisdom were always enough to motivate us and also to Manish Gogia sir for being the warmest person in the office whose vibrant vibe creates magic in the ambiance in the office. 

It was a wonderful experience in being associated with Crobstacle as an intern and being equipped with the startup environment gave me a lot of insights about the corporate world.

Thank You to each of one of the people with whom i’ve crossed my path during the journey with Crobstacle it gave a valuable lesson which will be cherished throughout. 


Mansi Joshi

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