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My name is Aashka’s Ranadive. I used to be a teacher, however, due to a lockdown caused by COVID-19, I had to leave my job. Almost after a year, I got to know about a highly demanding field, digital marketing, and applied for a two months course. After completing it, I applied for an internship with Crobstacle Ventures LLP, and fortunately, I got an opportunity to work with the most helpful team ever. Today, I am going to share some of my experiences with the firm.

I have worked here as an intern for 3 months, and in this time, I have learned distinctive skills. Belonging to a totally different background, I found it very difficult to cope up with my seniors. I used to make a lot of mistakes, yet none of them was tiring to teach me. I had never worked before from home, so it was also quite difficult to manage work-life balance. However, I learned that, too, with the help of my co-workers.

When I joined the team, I was completely unaware about the tasks they perform. Although, I never felt helpless, as someone always used to be there to teach me new skills. For instance, on my very first day, I was given the task of creating a wireframe for a website, which was a totally new word for me. Thankfully, Anmol was there every time to help me. In fact, I could never have done any of these if it was not for him. I heartily thank Anmol for always being there.

I have learned a lot of new things with Crobstacle Ventures LLP. To name some of those, Content writing, SEO (especially profile creation), and the most important, social media marketing. I was more inclined towards social media marketing from the very first day of my joining. I also told this to Anmol, and he supported me for that. I was given the task of a Social media calendar along with other teammates, Shruti, Deebha and Abhinandan. That was the most memorable experience of mine. We used to enjoy working together as there was talking, chatting along with completing the task.

With the assistance of all my teammates, especially, Shilpa, Shruti and Aviral, I never got bored with what I was doing. I got to learn a new thing every other day. When my internship was going on, there were several celebrations in the company. And, I feel lucky to be a part of all these celebrations. To mention some of those, we celebrated Ashwin’s birthday, Siddhant’s birthday and most importantly, 1st year anniversary of Crobstacle Ventures LLP. All these times, Ashwin and Siddhant were also very supportive.

Initially, for a week or two, I mainly focused on content writing. In those tasks, too, I was taught about several tools and software programs that should be used while writing a blog. Anmol and Siddhant used to share very helpful software tutorials for newcomers. After that, I was given the task of Search Engine Optimization, in which I was taught off-page SEO by creating a profile.

After a month, I was added to the task of social media calendar planning. This was the most enjoyable task for me. Since I was interested in social media marketing, I learned new skills happily, and the most fascinating journey began. Initially, I found it quite difficult to create a social media calendar, although, with the assistance of the team, I could do it in a better way.

I also got to learn how to do website audits. Some website audits were done in groups, while some of those were done by me only. I also taught some of my juniors how to do website audits. It was the greatest experience for me as I got an opportunity to learn as well as to teach others at the same time.

Along with website audits, I also learned a little of website development for a client. As I don’t know coding, website development was quite a challenging task for me, but Anmol stayed online for the whole time and taught me that, too.

The best thing I learned was Email marketing. Email marketing is an extremely important part of digital marketing, and I am very happy that I got an opportunity to learn that, from making a strategy of emails to creating creatives for clients. Along with email marketing, I also learned WhatsApp marketing by watching tutorials shared by Anmol and Siddhant.
Thus, Crobstacle helped me in crossing all the obstacles I was facing while working in the new environment and learning new skills.

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