Geraldine Donohue (nee Mitchell) is an Independent Councillor who was first elected in May 2019 to represent the Gort Kinvara Electoral Area of Galway County. Her journey in public service is rooted in her upbringing in Gortnamanagh, Kilchreest, Loughrea, Co Galway. In 2000, Geraldine married Seanie Donohue and currently resides on the family farm with their children in Duniry. She holds a degree in BSc Rural Science & Development from NUIG and works in Leinster House as a Secretarial Assistant to Independent Senator Victor Boyhan. Geraldine is known for her tireless dedication to her constituents and a proven track record of delivering for their needs.


When Geraldine Donohue decided to establish her online presence, several challenges needed to be addressed:

Simplicity and Information: The website needed to be simple yet comprehensive, effectively communicating her work and accomplishments to the public.

Press Archive: A critical requirement was to have a section dedicated to press articles spanning more than three to four years, highlighting her actions and contributions to society.

User-Friendly Interface: While simplicity was key, the website had to be user-friendly, ensuring easy navigation and accessibility to a wide audience.


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What We Did

Website Development

Solution & Results:

Website Development: Crobstacle, entrusted with this prestigious project, delivered a website that effectively addressed the challenges:

Simplicity with Substance: The website’s design focused on simplicity, allowing visitors to easily access information about Geraldine’s work and achievements as an Independent Councillor.

Press Archive: A dedicated section was incorporated into the website, housing an extensive archive of press articles spanning multiple years. This section showcased her impactful actions and contributions to society.

User-Friendly Interface: The user interface was designed to be intuitive and accessible to a broad audience, ensuring that visitors could navigate the site effortlessly.

Geraldine Donohue’s online presence successfully encapsulated her commitment to her constituents and her impactful work:

Simplicity with Depth: The website’s simplicity belied the depth of information it provided, effectively communicating her work and accomplishments.

Comprehensive Press Archive: The dedicated press section featured a wealth of press articles spanning several years, highlighting her contributions to society.

User Accessibility: The user-friendly design ensured that visitors of all backgrounds and technical abilities could access and navigate the site with ease.


Geraldine Donohue’s journey to establish her online presence exemplifies the power of simplicity and substance. Through a well-structured website, she effectively communicates her dedication to her constituents and her track record of making a difference. This online platform serves as a testament to her commitment to empowering communities and facilitating access to her work for the benefit of the public.

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