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COVID-19 Pandemic

Keep your workplace Coronavirus free

Whenever someone visits they will complete a health self-declaration QR code form at your establishment entries, to help prevent Coronavirus spread.

We believe helping brands in crossing the obstacles that they face – that’s what we strive for and, this QR code is one of the examples. Click on the image to get your QR code today.

This free solution provided by Crobstacle Media and has been built based on the guidelines of the WHO(World Health Organization), and is DPB compliant.

Our only interest is to help curb the spread. 

About COVID-19 QR Code

This free QR code campaign is an initiative by Crobstacle Media, in response to the rising number of COVID-19 cases around the world.

Seeing the rising number of cases and an unlocking economy, we needed to have a system to take control of the virus.

Crobstacle Media has created a system to keep your brand’s establishment safe from COVID19, not just safe but, fight from it. The system has a lot of other features embedded in it that will be an ultimate tool for your brand,

COVID-19 Cases Update

10 Aug 2022, 10:31 AM (GMT)

Worldwide COVID-19 Update

591,503,846 Total
6,442,481 Deaths
563,439,241 Recovered
10 Aug 2022, 10:31 AM (GMT)

India COVID-19 Update

44,190,697 Total
526,826 Deaths
43,535,610 Recovered
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Make smart & Safe choices

Helping brands make a safer environment built on individual responsibility.​

The key ways our system helps are displayed below.

Visitor Safety

Give your visitors a safe and enjoyable experience at your venue, knowing that there’s a quick health self-checkup at the door of your COVID-19 FREE ZONE.

Contact Tracing

In case one of your visitors/employees are infected, you will be able to quickly identify, trace the person, and facilitate the person to health professionals and help curb the spread.

Business Owners

Display it’s a COVID-19 FREE ZONE. Filtering the entrance with QR code will show your employees and visitors you care about them.

Health check-in made easy

Filter your employees/visitors at entrance.

Avoid the spread of the Novel Coronavirus. The person entering will scan the QR code with the camera of their smartphone, and a contactless form similar to this one will appear on the screen. After completing it, the system will get its data and user can enter your place without hesitation.


Touch or hover over the image to see our form.

A Glimpse of our poster

A smart customizable option that is 100% safe and secure Scan the QR code in image to get the live Crobstacle experience.

This poster is one of the samples of our COVID-19 QR code form. It’s a highly customizable poster if you want something else instead of this then contact us so that we can understand your needs and make a poster as per that!
NOTE: Delivery times may change in case of a customized poster.

Different types of contact-less COVID-19 QR code forms


Let your employees/visitors complete the self-declaration QR code health form and grant access to the workspace based on responses. Create a safer environment for everyone.


Speed up filtering at entry points between visitors & staff accepted and those who need additional queries. If a suspicious case is detected, data for contact tracing is available.

Retail & Food

To enter your establishment, customers need to scan the QR code and fill out a self-declaration form. Permit them based on responses, keeping your premises as risk-free as possible.

Residence & Hotels

Have visitors/customers scan the COVID-FREE ZONE QR code to fill out the self-declaration form. Decline or accept entries based on responses.

How it works

#2 We will contact you for confirmation.

#3 We will email you the QR code with graphic.

#4 Get it printed and put it on your entrance

#5 Visitors scan the QR to fill in the form

#6 Get the data of the visitors on your G-Drive.

Delivery in just 24 hrs. Also, note you can get the graphic as well as the QR customized as per your choices, lastly your data is 100% secured with us.

COVID-19 QR code contact less form: Use cases

As we get used to “the new normal.” These use cases will be implemented at restaurants, supermarkets, health facilities, stores, hotels, and malls, among others. It will start being applied in their facilities, to receive visitors securely, in a health-wise context.

Contact Tracing

Helps local authorities in tracing the contact

Self-Declaration Form

Prevent the spread in communities, using self-declaration forms

Risk Evaluation Form

Assure your employees & visitors safety

Visitors Data Filtering

Results based on data collected

Client Reviews

What people say

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-14 at 12.26.52 PM

“This free QR Code service is really helpful. It helps me in keeping record who came to my cafe. In times like these, we have to be cautious and Crobstacle Media has taken a great initiative by helping businesses.”

Rahil Khan

Mr. Burger Hut


Can I modify the form questions?

Yes, you can change the conditions for denying access to your establishment. Please contact us to create a custom solution.

Is this campaign really free & secure?

Yes, this campaign is 100% free and secure.

Can I modify the QR code poster design?

Yes, you can change the design changed as per your needs, contact us and we will help you out.

Can i get my data deleted?

You can always request to completely delete the form you’ve created and to remove all responses by sending us an email to [email protected]

How many qr codes can i get?

We have a policy of 1 QR code form per establishment, but you can print unlimited copies for your QR code, contact us to know more.

Are you keeping a database of the replies? How is my data used and stored?

We take privacy very seriously, and this solution is DPB compliant. We will not monetize nor share the information provided in your forms by your visitors. The system will automatically forward a copy of each form response to your email. It’s your decision to share it with the local authorities or keep it.

Help your visitors recover their trust while curbing the spread of COVID-19

It takes minutes to fill out the form | Delivery within 24 hours

Crobstacle media

Stands by you in these unprecedented times. Helping brands in crossing the obstacles

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