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In a significant development for Crobstacle, our esteemed overseas partner from Canada, Mr. David Mark Peters, visited India in February 2024, marking a milestone in our international collaboration and knowledge exchange initiatives.

Strategic Meeting at Effotel, Dehradun

Our founder, Anmol Gogia, had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Peters at Effotel, Dehradun, for a comprehensive brainstorming session. The agenda was meticulously planned, focusing on the upcoming session with over 500 MBA students at Graphic Era University scheduled for 22nd February 2024. This meeting was not just a preparatory discussion but a deep dive into strategic planning for impactful knowledge sharing.

Exploring New Horizons

The brainstorming extended over dinner, lasting for four hours, where Anmol and David delved into exploring new strategies for tapping into the Canadian market. The discussions were rich with insights on optimizing teamwork and enhancing business efficiency, setting the stage for a fruitful partnership moving forward.

Engagement at Graphic Era University

The following day was marked by an engaging session at Graphic Era University, where David and Anmol met with the Vice-chancellor and the Head of the Management and Commerce Department. This prelude to their session with the MBA students was a step towards fostering academic-industry collaboration, enriching the educational experience with real-world insights.

A Resounding Success

The session itself was a resounding success, evidenced by more than 20 mentions on LinkedIn, a surge of over 200 followers on our LinkedIn page, and enthusiastic one-on-one interactions with the students. The engagement level and the keen interest shown by the students were testament to the relevance and impact of the session.

Visit to Crobstacle HQ

Mr. Peters also visited the headquarters of Crobstacle near ISBT, where he interacted with our team on various topics, including leadership, management, and strategies for scaling up. This interaction was not only motivational but also an opportunity for our team to gain invaluable insights from an international perspective.

Farewell and Future Plans

The visit concluded with a heartfelt goodbye between Anmol and David, as Mr. Peters prepared for his journey back to Mumbai and then to Canada. This visit, however, was just the beginning of a deeper, more strategic collaboration between Crobstacle and Mr. David Mark Peters, promising exciting prospects for the future.

Looking Ahead

We are inspired by the success of this visit and the opportunities it has opened up for both Crobstacle and our partners. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to explore new horizons and build on the momentum of this fruitful collaboration

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