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Experience Article 

I would like to thank Anmol Sir and Ashvin Sir for this great opportunity. Thank you for having me in such a talented and amazing young Turks team. I learnt many things from Ashvin Sir as he was my mentor and also a very kind and helpful Anmol Sir who helped me in every situation . It was my first ever experience in social media marketing and I personally learned a lot and I am grateful for the opportunity given to me to strengthen my skills and grow my career . I really enjoyed working with the team, not only with the social media team, but with every team. At Crobstacle, everyone is different, talented and amazing . 

And a special thanks to Tanya Baleja for being such an amazing manager and helping me in every situation. I really enjoyed working with such an amazing and motivated team . Finally, I would like to thank you for having me at Crobstacle .

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