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This brand produces pure organic cotton t-shirts. Their mission is to provide the best organic clothing experience to their customers. To increase their brand’s reach and sales, they approached us for marketing services.


The objective of the project was to increase the visibility and sales of t-shirts through performance marketing, website optimization, and social media marketing.


  1. Our strategy for the brand was to target specific individuals who are interested in organic clothing and to communicate the benefits of choosing their product over other T-shirt brands.
  2. Performance Marketing: We ran Google and Facebook ads in pan India, with a focus on the top 4 tier 1 cities and the whole of Maharashtra. We targeted engaged shoppers only, and made the ads emotionally appealing by highlighting the benefits of buying organic cotton t-shirts.
  3. Website Development: Their website is on Shopify, but it had poor UI/UX, which affected the customer experience. To improve the website’s user experience, we used data-informed decision-making tools like Hotjar and optimized the website’s design.
  4. Social Media Marketing: We created social media accounts and made posts relevant to their target audience. We also helped them with getting influencers for their brand to increase their reach and credibility.


The results from the performance marketing campaign were impressive, with a reach of 761,920, impressions of 1,023,081, and a total spend of ₹56,191.87. The ads received 17,150 clicks, with a CPC of ₹3.28 and a CTR of 1.68%. The ATC was 237, with 215 Initiate Checkouts and 55 purchases, resulting in a conversion value of ₹43,247.35 and an average ROAS of 0.77.


The marketing services provided by us were successful in increasing the brand’s reach and sales. The performance marketing campaign received impressive results, and the website optimization and social media marketing services helped to improve the brand’s overall online presence. We are proud to have played a role in the brand’s success and wish them continued growth and success in the future.

Screenshot of Facebook Ads:

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