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Mworks Organics is an exotic fruit and vegetable store based in Bangalore that provides the finest selection of exotic fruits and vegetables. Despite the growing demand for exotic produce, the company was struggling to reach its target audience and generate sales. In order to overcome this challenge, they took our help so we could provide comprehensive services to help them achieve their business goals.


The primary objective of this marketing project was to increase the visibility and sales of Mworks Organics. To achieve this goal, we offered several services, including performance marketing, website development, social media marketing, and branding and logo design.


The strategy was centered around four key services:

  1. Performance Marketing: We ran Google and Facebook ads targeting the top 10% of people in Bangalore who prefer exotic fruits and vegetables as part of their daily routine. The ads were optimized to reach the target audience and drive conversions.
  2. Website Development: Mworks Organics had a poor website on WordPress that was not meeting their changing business needs. We helped them define the scope of their business needs and identified the right platform for them, which was Shopify. We built and maintained the store for 6 months and also helped them migrate data from WordPress to Shopify.
  3. Social Media Marketing: We helped Mworks Organics establish their social media presence on Instagram. They grew the account and made it a valuable resource for their target audience. {Link}
  4. Branding & Logo Design: We helped Mworks Organics design a new logo and brand book that reflected their business values and helped them establish a consistent brand image.

Mworks Old Logo

Mworks New Logo


The performance marketing campaign generated a reach of 466,310 and impressions of 1,327,016, with a total spend of ₹178,918.45 over 2.5 months. The campaign resulted in 25,385 clicks, with a CPC of ₹7.05 and a CTR of 1.91%. The campaign also generated 5,766 Add to Cart actions, 1,365 Initiate Checkout actions, and 686 purchases, with a total conversion value of ₹256,882.45 and an average ROAS of 1.44.

The website development and social media marketing efforts helped Mworks Organics establish a strong online presence that attracted and engaged their target audience. The new logo and brand book helped the company establish a consistent brand image and effectively communicate its values to customers.


The comprehensive marketing efforts helped Mworks Organics achieve its business objectives and generate significant results. The performance marketing campaign, website development, social media marketing, and branding and logo design efforts all contributed to the company’s success in reaching its target audience, generating sales, and establishing a strong online presence. The results of this project demonstrate the impact of a well-executed marketing strategy and highlight the value of working with us.

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