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A black-owned and female-operated apparel brand approached us to help grow their business through performance marketing, email marketing, and website optimization.


The objective of the project was to increase the brand’s online visibility, reach, and sales through targeted digital marketing efforts.


To achieve the objective, we implemented a comprehensive marketing strategy that included:

  1. Performance Marketing: We ran Google Ads and Facebook Ads targeting black women in the US. The ad campaigns were optimized for reach, impressions, clicks, and conversions.
  2. Email Marketing: We used the Klaviyo email marketing tool to create and send targeted email campaigns to upsell to existing customers and retarget those who showed interest in the brand’s products.
  3. Website Optimization: Based on data from Hotjar, we optimized the brand’s website to improve the user experience and increase conversions.


The marketing efforts were successful and achieved the following results:

Performance Marketing:

  • Reach: 1,701,698
  • Impressions: 5,740,425
  • Total Spent: $86,780.82
  • Clicks: 255,214
  • CPC: $0.34
  • CTR: 4.45%
  • ATC: 11039
  • Initiate Checkout: 3876
  • Purchases: 2082
  • Conversion Value: $212,674.44
  • ROAS (Average): 1.08

Email Marketing:

  • Increased sales by 2x through targeted upsell campaigns.

Website Optimization:

  • Improved website user experience and increased conversions.


The black-owned and female-operated apparel brand was able to successfully increase its online visibility, reach, and sales through our comprehensive marketing strategy. The performance marketing efforts generated significant results, while the email marketing and website optimization efforts added additional value and helped improve the overall customer experience. The brand saw a return on its investment and is well-positioned for continued growth in the future.

Screenshots of Facebook Ads –

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