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Our client, a hospitality company with multiple hotels in Uttarakhand, was looking to increase their customer base and generate more leads. They came to us for help in March 2021, and we worked with them until January 2023 to develop and implement an effective marketing strategy.


The main objective of the campaign was to generate leads for the hospitality company’s hotels in Uttarakhand.


To achieve the desired results, we implemented a Google Ads campaign that targeted individuals searching for hotels in the Uttarakhand region. We set up Google Ads, Analytics, Tag Manager, and created campaign copies, campaign optimization and custom report on Google data studio.

Google Ads:

We created targeted Google Ads that were aimed at individuals searching for hotels in the Uttarakhand region. The ads were designed to be visually appealing and included a call-to-action (CTA) that directed users to the client’s website where they could learn more about their services and make a booking.


The campaign was a success, generating 1,238 leads during the period of March 5th, 2021 – January 24th, 2023. Google Ads alone generated 839,382 impressions, 14,927 clicks, engagements and views, with an average interaction rate of 1.78%. The average cost per conversion was INR 40.09, and the average conversion rate was 8.29%. The total amount spent during the period was INR 49,636.87.


This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of a Google Ads campaign in generating leads for our client’s hotels in Uttarakhand. By using Google Ads, we were able to reach a large number of potential customers in the Uttarakhand region who were searching for hotels. The result was a cost-effective solution that helped our client to increase their customer base and achieve their business goals. The campaign also showed that targeting specific geographic areas and using Google Ads helped to increase the chances of conversions and generate leads at a reasonable cost. The custom report on Google data studio helped the client to understand the performance of the campaign and make data-driven decisions.

Screenshots of Google Ads –

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